Mellow Wood Furniture and Products
Custom Furniture   |   Refinishing and Restorations
Finely crafted by Sabomnim Michael Hrynko.
Furnishings for your:   Home / Studio / Dojang / Dojo
Sticks:   Walking / Hiking   |   Martial Arts / Fighting
Traditional Exercise Equipment   |   Martial Arts Gear   |   Meditation Benches

Everything  Crafted  With  Real  Wood ...
Tables, Walking Sticks, Fighting Sticks, Benches, Exercise Equiptment and more.

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Sullivan County, NY

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Mellow Wood Furniture and Products
153 Hornung Road
Roscoe, NY  12776
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Phone: 845.482.9079


Most Orders Shipped Within 2-4 weeks.
Buyer pays exact shipping, UPS, USPS, FedEx.